One Bedroom / One Bath Apartment Photos


Deluxe 1 Bedroom

[img src=]1490Big eat-up bar
[img src=]1120Upgraded faucets and plumbing fixtures
[img src=]1030Great kitchen with pantry
[img src=]1050New Stoves and Microwaves
[img src=]1000No dining room table required
[img src=]950Designer Appliances
[img src=]820Designer Appliances
[img src=]790Big Bathrooms
[img src=]830Premium vanity with new faucet and cultured marble countertop
[img src=]780Huge bathrooms, 42" vanities
[img src=]760Big Bedroom with 2 Closets
[img src=]770Spacious Living Room
[img src=]1090Great Floorplan
[img src=]480Great location, quiet and well-maintained